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What versions / sizes are The Olsson Ruby available in?

The Olsson Ruby
The classic version, compatible with a wide range of printers with excellent performance, wear-resistance and reliability.

1.75mm filament / 0.4 diameter
2.85mm filament / 0.4 diameter
1.75mm filament / 0.6 diameter
2.85mm filament / 0.6 diameter
1.75mm filament / 0.8 diameter
2.85mm filament / 0.8 diameter

The Olsson Ruby HO (High Output)
The High Output version features a longer melt zone which will give even higher throughput/speed and reduce the time needed for printing large objects in combination with compatible hot ends, while retaining wear-resistance and reliability.

1.75mm filament / 0.4 diameter HO
2.85mm filament / 0.4 diameter HO
1.75mm filament / 0.6 diameter HO
2.85mm filament / 0.6 diameter HO
1.75mm filament / 0.8 diameter HO
2.85mm filament / 0.8 diameter HO

To find out what version that will fit your hotend/printer,
please see our Compatibility list below

What are the dimensions of The Olsson ruby nozzle?

We have designed The Olsson Ruby to be compatible with the popular form factor of a nozzle with a 7mm long M6x1 external threading and 12.5mm overall length, like the range of Olsson Nozzles used on the Olsson Block for the Ultimaker 2, and on the E3D hotends.

The High Output version is designed to fit the hotends with a 15.5mm long M6x1 threaded section and 21mm overall length, like the E3D Volcano and Lulzbot MOARstruder ranges.

What future versions / sizes are The Olsson Ruby going to be made in?

We have several models/sizes planned, however doing test iterations with new ruby nozzle geometries is affected by quite long lead times due to the complex manufacturing process. It helps us to prioritize if you submit your interest in the model/size you are most interested in.

Smaller / Larger sizes – Submit interest

Ultimaker 3: Market analysis – Submit interest

Other 3D printers and hot-ends – Submit interest

3D Printer manufacturer – submit interest for OEM opportunities

Compatibility List

The Olsson Ruby 1.75mm

Every printer with a E3D V4/V5/V6 1.75mm hotend or similar geometry, including:
Prusa Research i3 MK2/ MK2S / MK3 *6
E3D BigBox
gCreate gMax 1.5XT+
Makerbot Replicator 2/2X *4
Felix Pro 2 * 4
Raise3D N1/N2 *5
Creality CR-10 *4
Robo3D R2

The Olsson Ruby 2.85mm

Ultimaker 2+
Ultimaker 2+ Extended
Ultimaker 2 with Olsson block upgrade
Ultimaker 2 Extended with Olsson block upgrade
Ultimaker Original *1 *2
Ultimaker Original+ *1 *2
Lulzbot TAZ 3 with hexagon hotend upgrade *2
Lulzbot TAZ 4 with hexagon hotend upgrade *2
Lulzbot TAZ 5
Lulzbot TAZ 6 *2 *3
3ntr A2 v2
3ntr A4 v3
Every printer with a E3D V4 3.0mm hotend *2
Every printer with a E3D V5 3.0mm hotend *2
Every printer with a E3D V6 3.0mm hotend *2

The Olsson Ruby 1.75mm HO

E3D 1.75mm Volcano hot-end

The Olsson Ruby 2.85mm HO

Lulzbot with MOAR-struder add-on
E3D 2.85mm Volcano hot-end


*1 = You will need to adjust the fan shroud since the nozzle is shorter than the original nozzle.
*2 = You will need to mount it with the nozzle not placed against the front face of the heater block but against the heat break/isolator tube to create a seal.
*3 = Will require disabling of the automatic bed leveling since the ruby tip is not conductive.
*4 = Several testers reports success. Ruby is longer than stock nozzle so Z height needs to be adjusted.
*5 = Adjustment of z-stop required, also see notes on the revision of your Raise3D printer in the Instructions for use

*6 = Lower the heatsink and heatbreak half a turn while the block is hot to ensure a proper seal.